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Melisma Magazine

Melisma Magazine is the new feature addition of music genera talks all in a 37- page print. All the latest news articles about music and tones.

Melisma has no scale to guide its stories of different types of platforms of celebrities and artists of the news it provides of them. It keeps up with a variety of news forms that are related to music and its related topics. it’s a fairly small magazine but does most of the covering stories about the latest news in the industry. It provides features and department sections and each has its own unique twist to it because of the value each artist adds to their section.

Each issue discusses and newer of the latest news about the artist or celebrity with sourced platforms that make sure our audience receives the most reliable platform to ensure the final guarantee of outlet.

As for the design of the magazine, it’s built as it’s a package with simplicity and the use of colors that match each article to make it feel like a full story together when in reality it’s multiple stories in one booklet. The cover is also built based on the brand of Melisma guide of simplistic but feel of a together uniqueness.

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