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Vervei Dekor Brand Collateral - Stationary_2.jpg
Project Name: 

Vervie Dekor


Brand Values:

  • We commit to giving the most affordable value of our work to our clients.

  • We commit to being unique in our styling ideas and welcoming our client’s opinions and ideas.

  • We want to give the feeling of comfortability and build up that touch for every home.

  • We respect our team, value their work and follow up with their needs and solve them under any circumstances.

  • We commit to growing with challenges to enhance our creativity.

Verive Dekor wanted to be very populated in its brand of marketing it in variety of ways from digital ads, print ads, social media marketing, and also experimental marketing which is a pop up of a shop thats would showcase their work and their best of interior designers would be there at that pop up speaking on their choices of designs and work as well launching a sneak peak of the newer of the designs features that will be available in the future.

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