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Project Name: 

Book Specimen of TMOTRD.

The famous short story “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allan Poe.

The story has a very deep meaning behind every line of words and punctuation it has in its paragraph. What type of illustration and touches you’d add to the storybook that makes it stand out in the uniqueness of the storyline and off the shelf.

As it’s a very populated story it is a very known storyline and the title book is self is very bold and strong which catches the eye of shoppers. Illustrations of the cover and typography emphasize what the significance of this book is about as it draws attention. As well as the little illustrations inside the book added more value to the reader with small touches to help the reader differentiate the part of the book.

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Overall with small touches of illustration and typography adjustments of layout, it added to the book more significance than what it already had of the storyline being very popular on its own and very known.

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